Custom Crewzers, the 29 Crew Cab

About Us

Without Bill Mathews there wouldn’t be a 29 Crew Cab!  Bill designed the ‘29 and fabricated the first truck in the spring of 2003 in Templeton, CA.  Bill’s prior accomplishments include the design and manufacture of the Deamonte automobile (picture) and crew leader of several of the “Batman” movie vehicles.  Bills attention to detail and desire to produce an extraordinary product make this piece a unique, exceptional value!

I first saw the “’29” in the same little black & white add we have today in the back of Street Rodder magazine.  As soon as I saw those lines I thought, man, that’s just what I need, a cool ride with room for the kids and the groceries!  I called Bill and ordered one!

Bill was one of those guys you instantly liked just over a phone call.  He asked me what drive train I was planning to use, told me to send some money and he’d have my truck ready in about a year.  This was just the first of many phone calls and letters over the next year.  Finally, the day came when Bill called and said, “send another check—your truck’s done!”

About three months went by before I was able to load my semi down to Texas and pick up my truck.  In that short period of time Bill had contracted cancer and passed away.  I arrived at Bill’s place a day before his funeral---I had never met the man yet felt like I’d lost a good friend.

I met most of Bill’s family that day: Karen his wife, his son John and sort of adopted son Brian.  Good folks doing their best to deal with a tough situation.  John helped me load up my truck and we talked a little about the business.  He had hopes of continuing things and I had no doubt that he could, he obviously inherited his father’s talent! 
I wished him the best of luck and told him if his plans changed to keep me in mind.  It was an awesome product!  I left Crawfordsville, TX feeling like I had a load of treasure, one of only a dozen ‘29 Crew Cabs hand crafted by Bill Mathews.

A month or so later I received a call from John to see if I was interested in purchasing the company.  Long story short, several months later my service manager and I were back in Crawfordsville loading two semis full of parts.

Our game plan was to turn our first “roller” into a “driver” so we could get a good feel for the truck and offer “how to” help for our home builders.  It’s been two years since then (a year longer than we wanted) but we recently passed our Ohio State Inspection and put a couple hundred miles on our truck.

When I said “driver” I wasn’t kidding!  I wanted a year round truck that could even handle our Ohio winter and our shop delivered.   Dave Jewell, our service manager, oversaw the reconstruction of a 2002 Firebird power train and managed to figure out the electronics so we could end up with fuel injection, ac, cruise and twenty mpg!  Box stock the 350 powers this 3,200 lb. beauty to mid 13’s in the quarter and it handles and rides so well my wife picks it over her Yukon!  Some paint and an interior and we’re ready for the show circuit next spring and the opportunity to show folks what a great piece this is!

Thank you for your interest in our 29 Crew Cab.  I invite you to go to our “Club 29” page and enjoy the imaginations and capabilities of our customers.  We look forward to adding your truck’s picture to this page!